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Watercolour Painting Classes

Art Lesson 

Painting Trees
April 6th and 20th 2022

In preparation for the seasons ahead I thought some refresher help with painting trees might be useful for us all. Capturing the life of trees and avoiding that ‘dead’ look is always a challenge.

This subject will cover variety in brushwork, understanding the structure of shrubs, trees and foliage as well as discovering useful colour mixes for greens. How to mix colour to create contrast and light in a painting. We can also look at various artists and how they’ve solved the same problems to inspire and learn from their ideas. As always observation is key but there are many facts that give us clues as to how to approach a convincing representation of the subject.

The classes are held at my house in a small and friendly atmosphere from 10am until 1pm.
£50 for 2 lessons paid in advance.

The lessons include tea and coffee and demonstrations as well as individual help during the class.

Please contact me with any questions or queries.

Hazel Kelly

(page revised 5th January, 2022) 

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